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May 26, 2012
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ABCs of Deviants: im-not-sana

Sat May 26, 2012, 6:01 AM
Welcome to ABCs of Deviants! Where I interview deviants from A to Z! :eager:

Sana is an enthusiastic member of the community who is loved by many. She joined deviantART almost 6 years ago. She's a true inspiration for anyone who wants to be more involved around deviantART. Sana received seniority status in August last year, on top of that she alpha tests for dA over at devBUG - which means she plays around with new features before Beta testers get to!

Now, on with the questions!

First off, could you give us a brief introduction of yourself?

Well first off, I'm actually Sana :paranoid: I'm a Photographer by morning and a Programmer by night :dummy: I study Computer Science but enjoy trying out all sorts of arts. I'm a bit socially awkward at first, but pretty awesome once you get to know me :nod: I mean I've been told that I'm a good listener but that may be because I zone out while someones talking I'm also good at keeping secrets but that may be because I forget them AND I never forget a face! your name, however, is a totally different case I also like rainbows and fluffy things :la:

How did you discover deviantART?

Through my brother.. I made my own account 2 months after he did but lurked around for a year until I finally gave in and uploaded my first emo art which you'll never get to see. :paranoid:

"im-not-sana is an inspirational leader within the community.  Between her radiant positive attitude and the many things she does for the community, be it her helping out with devBUG or the ideas and time she dedicates to her own group TheConceptBox just to name a few, she has certainly earned a high level of admiration from me for the things she does to make this site a better place."

"Sana is a great member of our community. Not only is she a great conceptual photographer, but reaches out even further into the community and is very informed and a great person to talk to. An example of a great artist and lovely deviant."

How has deviantART changed your life?

Well, I honestly don't think I would have improved so much as an artist if I hadn't gotten all the wonderful feedback from the community here, or been inspired by all the different art forms, tutorials and tips from other Artists. I started out as a Traditional Artist, but fell in love with all the photography after coming here.. which is still my favorite form of art. Also, I wouldn't have met all the crazy wonderful people I did on here that have helped me become a perv in so many ways. :giggle:

What is your ultimate goal as a member on deviantART?

TO GET THE ALL THE $ :iconallthethingsplz: I think I would one day like to work for dA's dT team and give a little back to the community I've grown to love :love:

What do you think about the deviantART community in general?

It's a little bit like high school.. we've got our $principal, our ^teachers, `class reps, popular deviants and our little cliques with all the art forms (I don't know who the Jocks would be, but the Geeks are definitely dA related :innocent:) and because of the dArama every now and then, you can see deviants and watchers sticking up for each other! It's just amazing to see how vast our community is with artists from around the world that look past the differences and are brought together to share a common interest..
andand ILY GAIZ :iconcryforeverplz:

What are your pet peeves on dA?

I don't have pet peeves! :noes: I'm such a patient person that doesn't get annoyed at all by dArama queens or attention hoars that spam the footer with articles about "WIN ONE POINT AND TWO LLAMAS BY FAVING THIS ARTICLE", overusing old memes OVER 9000 timez, people that go out of their way t0 tYp lYk dIs!?!?!1one1! (because it's more of an effort :|) or even people who claim that they're so RANDUM ZOMG look at me! ACID DINGO SPIT! Nope, not me :no:

What prompted your love for Conceptual Photography?

I can't quite recall what first prompted my love for it, but I generally love how the meanings behind Conceptual pieces impact a viewer. And I love how everyone has a different perception when they try to understand what's going on in the piece.. it's true when they say "A picture speaks a thousand words" -- that's how I feel for any conceptual piece :love: I prefer to let the art speak by itself since I'm not so good with words.

Can you tell us about your group, TheConceptBox?

It's a pretty fun group thanks to the admins that are dedicated to give exposure to those that love Thinking Outside the Box! You'll find conceptual pieces from a variety of art forms from Traditional Art to Digital, Literature to Typography, Photography to Photo-Manipulations and even Pixel Art! We accept all forms of media as long as it has a clear concept :) We provide weekly Blog Features for Members and Conceptual Artists, Monthly Themed Contests with lots of awesome prizes, Chat Events, Feedback for our members & loads more! :dummy:

"omgomg like like, Sana is sooo fluffyyy!! :love:
She is a totally wonderful friend that is always willing to help everyone! :dummy:
Sana is the one that always makes you smile, have fun, laugh, enjoy; her positivism and awesomeness at everything is the best to get inspired with! :happybounce:  She is always supporting new artists, suggesting Daily Deviations, commenting, sharing, helping, contributing, doing the best for everyone, and the community."

"Do you know the one that jokes around with you, the one you can poke fun at- returns the sillyness, and the one that is there for you to talk to when trouble arises? That is Sana. She is a great friend of mine. Her talents in coding are exceptional. Sana is definitely the type of person, silly and positive, everyone needs to have around including the community. What greater asset is there but to be around people you have fun with and compliment you perfectly?"

Who inspires you?

I know you asked who, but music has played a great part as my inspiration. I wish I could name just one artist or band, but there's just so many so let's leave it at that! :B And then there's all these artists on dA that inspire me daily! For example, I always get jelly inspired by how ScENeYmE has improved with her photography :nod: Always enjoy EliseEnchanted, bebefromtheblock and addy-ack's colorful Photography that makes my eyes bleed rainbows :aww: Nonnetta's cute conceptual drawings that makes me want to cuddle them :lovesquee: by stuck-in-suburbia The creative conceptual pieces from ahmedwkhan, BlackJack0919, JeanFan that make me wish I thought of those ideas first :noes: admx's awesome vectored art that makes me want to learn digital art :heart: bradleysays's CSSECKSY skillZ! ;) and SOO many more! I can only hope to be as awesome as they are! :eager:

You're stuck on a desert island with Fella, how do you escape with him?

We would make a raft with the palm trees and tie it together with the thread used to sew Fella which he had no choice but to kindly offered. Then I would do him a favor and use the grey cloth covering him that was making him warm in this hot desert weather as our sail and sail away with what's remaining of Fella to freedom! :iconyeyplz:

The deviant you last spoke to will murder Professor Plum in the Observatory with the first thing you see on your left. Who is it and what was the murder weapon?

admx and he murdered Professor Plum with my blue heart shaped pillow :noes: (I wouldn't be surprised :o I've broken bones in a pillow fight :paranoid:)

To end the interview, would you like to promote something or inspire us with a quote?

For all you amateur photographers.. Don't put yourself down if you haven't got a fancy camera! I'm still using a point-and-shoot that I take around with me everywhere I go :B Someone once told me that it's not the camera that takes an amazing picture, it's how the photographer takes it! And I've lived by those words ScENeYmE probably just told me to shut me up from all the whining about my crummy camera ever since :salute:

Also, Please check out my Group TheConceptBox! I'LL EVEN GIVE YOU FREE internet COOKIES! :cookie:

And thank you Bradley for interviewing me! :tighthug: even though I probably took the longest to reply :crying: and probably the only one with so many strike marks :paranoid:

It's back! In this issue, I interview `im-not-sana... who actually is Sana.
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Teehee amazing!
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THIS IS SOOOOOOOOOOO AWESOME, I hope you don't mind I put a box on my page for my most favorite tutorials and such, they got me through so much, love your work and thank you, I will find out where to donate my Friend. [link]
bradleysays Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2012
I don't understand, this isn't a tutorial.
AudraMBlackburnsArt Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2012  Professional
no, but not yet sure what to call the custom box, I guess, it's just temp., i'm thinking of something clever in which to give back to those like you who do these informative and helpful 'things' I devour them up! Do you suggest I remove the box until then?
bebefromtheblock Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2012   Photographer
Funny girl,i like you even moar...
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Sana :iconepiclaplz:
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:woohoo: excellent interview

Added to #DevNews posting later today
namenotrequired Featured By Owner May 31, 2012  Student Interface Designer
I almost fell for your answer under pet peeves. :paranoid:
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