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Here is a brief history* and feature of the past and present deviantART Related Community Volunteers and Gallery Moderators.

These are the wonderful people who have made the deviantART Related gallery and community what it is today. :dalove:

bradleysays (current)

June 11, 2012 - Present

VS9: Journal Portal Footer Revamp 2.0 by bradleysays A Week in dA Related Skin by bradleysays Skin Pack: Platinum Teal + Platinum Aqua by bradleysays Movember Stamp by bradleysays


September 29, 2011 - June 10, 2012 (Moved to Community Projects)

Contacting the deviantART Help Desk
The unofficial tutorial
Franšais: Contacter le service d'aide de deviantART.
Suomi: Yhteydenotot deviantARTin Help Deskiin
Other language? Watch #InternationalFAQ • Can you translate? Please feel free!
Where to find the Help Desk?
On any dA page, go to the very bottom and click "Help & FAQ" (which looks like this).To the left, click "Contact the Help Desk" (
Simple TutorialWhat is is a new system for submitting art to dA. You can find the link in your 'submit' menu. Why use it?Main advantages are that you can submit deviations faster, from more places (currently with apps for androidiPhotomaciOS, etc., as well as from email and FTP) and you can keep them private if you want. You can then share it only with those people you want - for example to ask their opinion before submitting it to your gallery. How to submit?Submitting basically happens in two parts. Upload the file Image- and other fi
Literature Thumbs Tutorial
Literature thumbs
What are thumbs?
What are these different lit thumbs and when do they show?
What makes the default lit thumb show up?
How to set a preview image
How to set a lit author tag
Mature content on my deviations
November Rose
Stumbling through the autumn rain
A lonely merchant on his way
the woods offer no place to stay
but suddenly, a light ray --
A sole flower withstands the storm
Blossoming, unscarred
underneath the soaking trees
to brighten up his heart

          All months the same, October Rain
          Washing the light and bright away
          And yet here grows, this November Rose
          Shining through this world of grey

A flower withstands November storms -
Sign of a chancing world
The showers and leaves
fall from clouds and trees
Yet the rose remains unstirred...

          All months the same, October Rain
          Washing away the summer dirt


January 6, 2011 - September 28, 2011

Balloons in Flight at OSU by WDWParksGal Sleeping Beauty Castle Disneyland by WDWParksGal Everest From Afar by WDWParksGal


January 18, 2010 - January 5, 2011

Golden CSS v2 by ginkgografix Blue Stairs - Journal + Gallery Skin by ginkgografix dA Suggestion: Stock details by ginkgografix

GaioumonBatou (now ikazon)

January 16, 2010 to May 15, 2010 (moved to literature)

Wishing on the Same Star by ikazon 3 in the AfternoonHappiness is when the door clicks shut
at 3 in the afternoon and sunlight
stalks in uninvited through the blinds,
making a sepia mess of the room, and you
are waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting
in the sunken sofa cushion like a lost
nickel looking to be found. The truth is
you found me, standing just inside
the doorway like a stray animal brought
home for the first time, imbalanced
ragged and confused. I stumbled on myself
that first time, making more contact
with the floor, tables and walls than I
did with you. In some respects, that
hasn't changed. I trip on my feet,
walk into walls and door frames still,
but every now and then I bump into you
and remember what makes this home, what
makes you home.
Obligatory Bird PoemThis poem is about birds or perhaps
about flying as this is what bird poems
come to and I have not written a bird
poem yet. It is a sparrow at first, small
cold and self-conscious, pecking at bread
crumbs on streets which may well be snow
covered with how they are not recognizable
and this is like standing at Gare de l'Est
watching transit and transit go by and by
and not knowing what even one sign
might say. Trains are less fun when you're
watching them go, and this is no longer
a bird poem, which is why I don't write
bird poems.
I am not in transit the way a bird is, and watching
birds in transit is intrusive, the way watching
people on trains is intrusive. Everyone
on a train is lost until they arrive, even when
they know where they are going and how
they are getting there; until they arrive
can they guarantee that they'll get there? This
is what being a bird is like, going everywhere
without knowing anywhere, one unexpected
turn away from running headlong into a mirror
with someone
Thiefostamp by ikazon

DCZed (now AwsumZ) - [had two terms]

Between May and July 2008 to Fall 2008; Summer 2009 to December 8th, 2009

Rainbows Journal Skin by AwsumZ Misa Misa by AwsumZ Cloud-gazing Miku by AwsumZ


February 16th, 2009 to June 5th, 2009

All Is Well by 2dazed Colorful Colorado by 2dazed Victorian Steampunk Ornament by 2dazed Egyptian Anklet by 2dazed


January 28th, 2009 to February 3rd, 2009

dA Before Breakfast by TerrorCookie Mesmerize by TerrorCookie You See Me Here by TerrorCookie Golden Wish by TerrorCookie


July 4th, 2007 to April 1st, 2008

Awesome Colour T Brigade by maxwell-heza Olio by maxwell-heza Fish 'n' Hips by maxwell-heza Wa Lian by maxwell-heza

*Please note this information was found by browsing journals so actual dates are approximate and may vary.

A feature of the past deviantART Related Community Volunteers and Gallery Moderators. :)
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:la: This is an awesome article Bradley!

Good work everyone! :salute:
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great to give recognition for what they have done :D
WDWParksGal Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2013
I covered this and Projects (and some other galleries not covered at the time, along with other CVs that were covering multiple galleries) and had help to run dA-related from ^ladygagz, $namenotrequired and `TimberClipse, without whom it would have been a more difficult job. Thank you for the feature and recognition :hug:
ikazon Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2013   Writer
Aww, thanks :huggle:
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Wow, I never realized that there had been so many :D
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