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August 2012 DD Recap

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 31, 2012, 12:13 AM

dA Related Daily Deviations

Welcome! This is an article showcasing the fabulous deviations that were featured as a Daily Deviation in August 2012!

The Features!

Deviant Stamps

(What are these?)

deviantARTs Inobvious Love by SparkLum


(What are these?)

None this month. 

Devious Fun

(What are these?)

None this month.

T-shirts, Gear & Prints

(What are these?)

None this month. 


(What are these?)

ISSUE No7 MINDGAMES is OUT by teyasaveleva

deviantART Skins & Scripts

(What are Skins and Scripts?)

Condensed deviantART Comments by danlev Strawberry Yogurt by PreetikaSharma Aurora Skin by Nesmaty White Minimal Journal Skin by madazulu

deviantART Suggestions

(What are  these?)

DeviantArt Redesign Concept 2012 by EmilioEx


(What are these?)

arabian knight by bobba88 discontinued  line by garnet-3a Morning by SoukiNori ID 2012 by cat-meff dA ID by tori-ru narcissistic cannibal II by leeninek

Other dA Related

How to Submit A Journal to Profile and Groups by Endorell-Taelos ::Free icon - Sailor Moon:: by Mimru Candy-gram for mister ahfemashajamenson... by Crazdude Free Avatar - Lovely Cupcake by JadeLand icon: KOIFLSH by Kuitsumi Raya Shady by Darkashter

Community Corner!

| Join DeviantArt-related | Chat in #dARelated | Browse darelated |

:pointr: DeviantArt-related - an unofficial group that is about the entire dA related gallery. Updates, news, and of course submissions of all types dA related.

:pointr: #dARelated is the official chatroom for the gallery.

:pointr: In the forums, a forum tied in with dA Related is the suggestions forum. If you have any suggestions to improve deviantART, you can post them here!

:pointr: If you want to learn CSS to create journal skins, eCSSited is a great space to learn!

:pointr: Some great deviants of the dA related community you may want to check out include namenotrequired, ginkgografix, GillianIvy, SanguineEpitaph, NAkos and trezoid.

Coding and Design by Hairac
A feature of all the deviantART Related DDs I featured in August 2012.
iingo Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah! Awesome selections
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Added to the DD Section of the article collection at #DevNews
TheLastHuzzah Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2012
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