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Did You Know? - DD categories, Searching devMEETs

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 5, 2012, 10:19 PM
Checking a DD's Category

Before you comment on a DD, it's a good idea to check the category it's in first.

Why? Because of artistic intent as well as the reason it was featured.

The best example of this is probably stock. Stock photos are not expected to be as polished as photography uploaded only for your viewing pleasure. They are being shared as a resource. While a photograph posted as a complete piece of art is expected to have a good light/dark balance and appropriate cropping and color usage, what's the point of a stock artist doing that for the users? Different users will have different needs, and thus a full-size, unedited stock photograph is an awesome stock photograph.

Aside from stock, the gallery chosen by the artist affects what to look for in a piece. An uploaded texture that resembles abstract art but doesn't have the same process behind it should be judged for its usability. Likewise, I've seen some insensitive comments on nonfiction prose that was mistaken for 'boringly realistic' fiction.

If you are unsure on where to find the gallery a deviation is submitted to, it is shown underneath the title and artist name on the deviation's page (illustrated below).

We love sharing DDs with you and we hope to continue doing this without cluttering the art with long-winded explanations of why. Please meet us halfway by educating yourself on the category, and note the featuring CV or staff member with any concerns about the work. Remember, DDs are features chosen by CVs/staff, not the artist! :)

Searching for deviantMEETs

Suggested by namenotrequired and written by bradleysays.

Did you know there are many ways to find deviantMEETs in your area on deviantART?

:bulletblue: deviantMEET Forum

You can check the Deviant Meets forum regularly for deviants looking to start or organise a meet-up in your area.

If you can't find a thread related to your area, start your own! :)

:bulletblue: Groups

One of the best ways to search for deviantMEETs in your area with the Groups system is to just search for your city. Once you find a group focussed on your city or town, you can check their journals or deviantMEETs tab to look for previous deviantMEETs or ones that are coming up. :)

If you can't find any deviantMEETs in the group, you can always note them and ask about organizing one.

:bulletblue: Journals

Search for '[city/town name] deviantmeet' in the Journal Portal's search bar, there's a chance you might be able to find any recent or upcoming deviantMEETs through there!

Pro tip: if a lot of results come up, browse them from the newest!

:bulletblue: deviantMEET Gallery

Search for your local area in the deviantMEET gallery. Here you'll hopefully find deviants in your area that may be willing to help organize a devMEET.

What would you like to know?

As we write this article series for you, the community, we would like to know: What aspects of the website do you want to learn more about? Or what can you teach other deviants about? If we decide to use your suggestion we will be sure to credit you. :) Thank you for your input in advance!

Let us know your ideas through our feedback page :eager:

Previous editions

To help you find the information you are looking for, we have composed an overview that lists all former Did You Know? articles and their topics. With every new article we release, we will update the overview, to ensure it remains up-to-date.

Have a look at our overview of all Did You Know? articles!

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Well said about the DD categories! :nod:
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Actually I never really questioned the DD picks even when I didn't support them for my own reasons - different people have different tastes and just because I don't like a certain D does not mean it doesn'T deserve it ^^

As for devMeets:

I basically don'T have issues finding devMeets it's more like I lack the money to go to the ones I would want to attend :D :D :D
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:w00t!: Devmeet :la: :la: :la:
Great job buddies :hug:
Crickatoo Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2012  Student Digital Artist
:eager: I need to frequent the forums more, because I had no idea there was a deviantMEET Forum!
miontre Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Excellent article! The DD category is such an important thing to be aware of. :)
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TEACH...ALL THE THINGS :icondummywooplz:
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