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October 2, 2013
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Did You Know? - Toggle Mentions, Beta Testing

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 2, 2013, 9:58 PM
Toggling Mentions

Did you know that you can turn Deviant and Art Mentions off?

If you do not want to receive a notification when someone mentions you or your deviation, then follow these simple steps:
  1. Go to your settings page.
  2. Click ''General".
  3. Scroll down and check the ''Disable message center notifications for mentions" box and click the save button.

    Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 2.13.48 PM by bradleysays

You will no longer receive mentions in your message center! Simply uncheck the box if you want to receive mentions again. :)

Beta Testing

Topic suggested by namenotrequired and written by bradleysays

Did you know that Premium Members can Beta Test new and upcoming deviantART features?

Becoming an Official Beta Tester is an easy process. Here's an outline:
  1. Go to your settings page.
  2. Click ''Beta Testing"
  3. Read the information on the page and check the ''I understand and would like to be an Official deviantART Beta Tester" box. Don't forget to click the save button!

So what do you get when you sign up to become an Official Beta Tester?
  • The ability to test new and upcoming features on deviantART. Most recently, Beta Testers got to test Deviant and Art Mentions several weeks before other members!
  • Provide feedback and report bugs when testing said features.
  • Access to the Official Beta Testing group, devBUG.
  • A new username symbol! (pictured below)

How do you know if someone is Beta Testing? You can tell if a user is an OBT by their username symbol.

Betatester by bradleysays

For more information visit: FAQ #531: What is an Official deviantART Beta Tester? How do I become one?

Now, go forth and hollow out your star!

What would you like to know?

As we write this article series for you, the community, we would like to know: What aspects of the website do you want to learn more about? Or what can you teach other deviants about? If we decide to use your suggestion we will be sure to credit you. :) Thank you for your input in advance!

Let us know your ideas through our feedback page :eager:

Previous editions

To help you find the information you are looking for, we have composed an overview that lists all former Did You Know? articles and their topics. With every new article we release, we will update the overview, to ensure it remains up-to-date.

Have a look at our overview of all Did You Know? articles!

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WDWParksGal Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2013
I didn't realize mentions could be turned off! Great news for those with PLZ accounts :phew:
I-is-smart Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
lolz didnt even occur to me about how plz accounts would be affected though I do know how emoticonists get hit and I'm not even popular XD
WDWParksGal Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2013
I use PLZ accounts and emotes ALL the time! I can just image how many mentions those get!!!
Fangirl Emote la-deckhand :eyebrows:
SilverInkblot Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Who would every turn off Mentions? How would you know if people were talking about you? :lol:
artvelocity Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2013
I'm a official beta tester without being premium. :lol:

Did I break dA? :'o
eecoli Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
tell me ur secrets
artvelocity Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2013
I did the chicken dance and bam. I was beta tester.
pachunka Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2013  Professional Artist
Sherlock Holmes 
artvelocity Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2013

You're gonna solve the mystery?
namenotrequired Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2013  Student Interface Designer
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