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This issue’s letter is:


The deviant that is being featured and interviewed today is:


First up, could you give us a brief introduction of yourself?
Sure,  my name's Chip d.b.a. VSConcepts.  I'm 34, engaged (until it gets all official in Fall 2012), and like long walks off short piers.. err.. no wait, yes.  I'm 6 ft tall I'm a Photoshop CS5 LOVER, and I love music of all kinds, which I sometimes like to incorporate into my art.  Everything I know I've taught myself through practice, and critique from people I respect.  Essentially, I've got a long path to continue improving, ahead of me, LOL.

What gave you the idea to register with your username?
Well my username is the latest incarnation of a brand identity I've been trying to develop for a long time.  My previous username was pretty cool "violentsamurai"; but it wasn't that professional, so "VS" became "VSConcepts" and like marketing magic, I could pay homage to my favorite thing and still have a professional name and brand identity.  I've been camped out in deviantART, in one username or another for a little more than a decade, and if you search around the site you're likely to find a few of my old accounts, like Zen-Warrior, and just like a good mobile phone, I've upgraded myself with every new level I've reached.  :rofl:

Could you tell us a little bit about your time on dA so far?
HAH.  When I VERY first became a member of deviantART there weren't the number of people here that there are now, but lemme just stick with my time under THIS username.  Every event in the community is important, because it gives the artist a chance to shine, the peer a chance to promote, and the art itself a chance to be seen.  This basic principle is what makes deviantART such a good community at large.  And technically, I suppose I have.  LOL...   I used to run DA-Networking but found it took a lot of time, and there wasn't as much activity as a Group like that needs.  I was fortunate enough to have a term as a Volunteer here on deviantART.  I moderated the Customization > Wallpapers gallery.

How has deviantART effected your life?
Aside from becoming the only addiction I've ever had that is unlikely to kill me, and the multitudes of friends and peers I've come to find, meet, admire, and relate with?  It's affected me in all kinds of ways.  From deviants like DAnnsCreations who came through during a time of need I had, or to JurgenDoe who helped make a devmeet with spyed, Heidi, and oilsoaked happen, to JesseLax who taught me not to steal art, and how to properly use stock, way back in 2005-2006, all the way to Moonbeam13 for letting me serve as a volunteer which helped me learn a great deal about the community as a whole and myself and to omgitsacat who helped me stay calm during dArama, and to so many more...  Man, I could go on literally for DAYS talking about good experiences and people I've had the fortune to know, and why...  If you take deviantART seriously, and positively - then it's my experience that it takes YOU the same way, y'know?!

I wear the devWear, I talk about the site to my family, friends, and even random people.  Other than my fiancé, I would say nothing has impacted my life more significantly than deviantART.

What is your favourite gallery (or sub-gallery) on deviantART and why?
I'm what is known as a "Customization Whore".  If it can be customized, then I wanna do it.  So Customization is my favorite, and Wallpapers are my first love after that.  Looking at my +Fav's folder you probably wouldn't know that... But it's true.. Wallpapers are what I see when I walk by my PC, and they're a big picture that can take my mind and me (all 4 of 'em? :fuzzydemon:), and the idea of being able to take something - anything, and personalize it to suit my aesthetic tastes and preferences... Well that's what I enjoy most!

You have 13 deviantART Suggestions in your gallery, which is quite impressive; How do you come up with all your ideas?
Ideas.  Well some were inspired by how frustrating it can be to try and do something in a way that seems complicated, counter-intuitive, or at the very least, cumbersome.  Some of my ideas are sort of "obvious" ideas that other people have also complained about or dreamed up themselves.  Mostly, I'll just be randomly doing something (or trying) on deviantART and then be like "Y'know self (I sometimes refer to myself as self, it happens), it'd be great if..." and *POOF.  Idea.  That's how I came up with the idea to add Stock Credits on the actual page and description of a deviation.  Instead of having to type it all out in your artists description, what if there was a designated space and field and way to input that information?  You upload the art, you paste in the URL(s) during that process and BAM, it's done, it's all in the same place on every deviation page, and it's crystal clear.  When you're a Gallery Moderator, or even a Group Admin and you're trying to verify info like Stock, having it all easily accessible would be SWEET.

I have a question from a reader of this news series. namenotrequired asks, "Which of your 13 (I believe) visual suggestions would you most like to see implemented?"
Heh.  Well that's a good question.  If you actually look at all 13 suggestions I made, and the features or changes they each were meant to inspire, you'll find that in some way, almost all of them have already been implemented.  Some got implemented during a change from one UI version (ex: dA v6) and some were just added in over time.  My favorite one probably that has not yet been implemented is the Resolution Ratio Tool.... but the one that's probably the most useful is the Groups Enhancement suggestion, which actually was featured as a Daily Deviation!

Biggest pet peeve you have on dA?
Uhh... People talking and not listening, and people submitting without reading.  That goes for deviations, and for Group submissions.  Lots of people just do not like reading the rules.  And theft.  Art theft.... really bothers me.  Especially because a lot of people don't seem to have a clear concept of what constitutes theft or how it applies to the googled images they use in their art.

Who is your favourite artist, both on and/or off deviantART?
WOW... I... Have no idea.  There are so many different styles, genres, and artist spanning the ages... God.  There.  That's my answer, the supreme answer.  There would be no tablets, acryllics, coding software, HTML or CSS, or pencils and inks and paper and inspiration and freedom and creativity if not for the G.ood O.rderly D.irection or GOD.  

Are there any features on dA that you haven't (or have barely) used?
Forums and Chat.  I've used them both, but VERY rarely.  I also don't use "Random" anything.  I'm not into Random.  I'm into relevant planning and searching.  It's just me.  Forums, are a valuable asset to any community I suppose, but I've never had a use for them, or the patience to endure them. I'd rather get my info direct, than to have a bunch of people speculate in often unhealthy ways, and argue, etc... It's much easier to read the FAQ and hit up an Admin in a note with any unanswered question.  No drama, and the exact right answer.  Even if the answer is no.

What is your favourite number, and why?
Do you want my "immature male" responses to this question?  Hrm.. Well 7 because it's a Holy Number (and because 7 'ate' 9), 13 because it's a lucky number, 21 because it's a bad-ass number, 68 because then you owe ME one, and uhhh.... No, that's it I think... LOL

Thank you for allowing me to interview you! :hug: Would you like to promote something, or inspire us with a quote?
oooH Quote! "..Every moment you spend in Misery, is a moment of Joy you can't get back.."

There's so much to promote on and within this site I don't think it's fair to just pick one or two things.  Keep your eyes open, your hearts open, your minds open.  Thank YOU for honoring me with this interview. :dalove:

Artist Definition by VSConcepts :thumb123836682:

I'd like to say a huge thanks to VSConcepts for taking the time to be interviewed.

You can follow my Twitter account or like my Facebook page for sneak peeks at upcoming deviants whom I’ll be interviewing!

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Casperium Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
68 LMAO I love it!
SanguineEpitaph Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Funny interview is funny. I love his. :rofl:
namenotrequired Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2011  Student Interface Designer
You've been on dA for over 10 years, and learned to not steal art 5 years ago? I'm a little worried... :lol:

Oh, I didn't know some had been implemented... I'll have to browse your suggestions again :D
VSConcepts Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2011  Professional Interface Designer
Well, closer to 6-7 years ago yes. But when I first joined the site, I wasn't active nearly to the degree that I am now, and you can't learn if you're not interacting, right?
namenotrequired Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2011  Student Interface Designer
hehe true :D
VSConcepts Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2011  Professional Interface Designer
I started by using this program; Microsoft Home Publishing; Picture It! and then upgraded to the Silver Edition 2001. It was a wannabe version of Photoshop at the time. It sucked so bad they stopped making it. I would just rip shit off the web like google, or what I found here. Big mistake. Did a lot of learning and growing in my first year.
namenotrequired Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2011  Student Interface Designer
Haha, I certainly made some mistakes myself as well :P
VSConcepts Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2011  Professional Interface Designer
namenotrequired Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2011  Student Interface Designer
You weren't meant to agree. ;P
VSConcepts Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2011  Professional Interface Designer
ROFL!!! Man, everyone makes mistakes when they start out. Especially once they decide to take things seriously. That's part of the process. Why should you or anyone be different? :giggle:
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