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August 7, 2013
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The Timeline of deviantART

Wed Aug 7, 2013, 12:21 AM

The Timeline of deviantART

As of today, it's been 13 years since deviantART was founded. I've taken this opportunity to gather up some historical information with the help of Moonbeam13 and some members of the Community Relations team.

I hope you enjoy taking a step back in time!

Please note: it is extremely difficult to track down some events in deviantART's history (in particular, the first few years) and that some dates are only approximate. founded



  • March 17: After holding a contest to design deviantART a logo, the winner was announced.
  • May 3: A contest was held to create deviantART's mascot.

  • The winner was selected via a site-wide poll - which resulted in devart mascot fella winning.
  • August 7: deviantART turns 1.

Devart Mascot Fella by switched

devart mascot fella again by switched

The first two deviations of Fella.

deviantART version 2


  • February 4: Version 2 launched.
  • June 25: launched - deviantART's first platform for members to submit and sell their prints.
  • August 7: deviantART turns 2.
  • December 13: All major credit cards are now accepted forms of payment for subscriptions, print accounts and other products/services.


  • February: The 1,000,000th (one millionth) deviation was submitted to deviantART.
  • April/May: adCast was launched.
  • August 7: deviantART turns 3 and launches Version 3.

deviantART version 3

deviantART version 4


  • April 28:The today page was launched.
  • May 4: The 'scraps' category was created for deviants to submit their sketches and other scraps into.
  • August 7: deviantART turns 4 and launches Version 4. This versions launch included the BETA release of deviantART Messaging Network (dAmn) and a redesigned message center.


  • June 17: deviantART held a massive deviantMEET called The deviantART Summit. More than 200 booths were at the convention showcasing artwork.
  • August 7: deviantART turns 5.

The deviantART Summit

deviantART version 5


  • August 7: deviantART turns 6 and releases Version 5.
  • November 14: On this day, deviants were given the option to submit their works under Creative Commons licenses, giving the artists the right to choose how their works can be used.


  • March 15: @deviantart joins Twitter.
  • August 7: deviantART turns 7.
  • September 30: deviantART Film category added.
  • December 7: deviantWEAR proudly announces the first ever Fella plushie.
  • December 17: deviantART joins Facebook.

Fella with Holga by Sting1
The first official Fella plushie.

deviantART version 6


  • July 10: Version 6 released. deviantART's biggest "upgrade" to date. Many aspects of the site were given a new yet familiar look - including the message center, front page, footer and channels page.
  • August 7: deviantART turns 8.
  • October 23: The Artist Relations Department is renamed to Community Relations. Gallery Directors were also renamed to Gallery Moderators (GMs) for clarity.


  • April 17: Critique system launched to Premium Members.
  • May 13: The deviantART World Tour begins. Staff Members traveled around the world to different cities including Sydney, Singapore, Warsaw, Instanbul, Berlin, Paris, London, New York City, Toronto and Los Angeles.
  • July 28: Portfolio "The Awesome Version" launched to all members.
  • September 19: New DeviantART Logo revealed by TheRyanFord
  • December 9: The 100,000,000 (one hundred millionth) deviation was submitted to deviantART. SimplyLemie was the writer of the submission and received a lifetime premium membership. Ironically, the deviation has since been deleted off deviantART.

The deviantART World Tour 2009

Portfolio "The Awesome Version" is launched.

deviantART's new logo

deviantART version 7


  • February 11: The Groups platform was launched to all members.
  • March 9: DeviantART Points were launched. :points:
  • April 1: Llama Badges were launched.
  • April 3: Due to the Llamapocalypse that occured on April 1, deviantART launched the Let's Play Llama Trading Game.
  • May 18: Version 7 released to all members. This version was designed to make DeviantART simpler than ever before.
  • June 14: Cake badges are launched site-wide.
  • August 7: deviantART turns 10 and launches deviantART muro - a free HTML5 powered drawing app.
  • September: deviantART joins Tumblr.
  • October 20: In honor of Spirit Day, deviantART wears purple.


  • July 22:Moonbeam13 announces that Gallery Moderators and Message Network Admins (MN@) are now unified and renamed to Community Volunteers.
  • August 7: deviantART turns 11.
  • September 21: deviantWEAR announces that Fella Plushies are back with a new friend, the Super Llama Plushie.
  • October 27: spyed announces and Writer.
  • October 28: News, blogs and journals are merged into one. DeviantART introduces the Journal Portal.
  • November 18: deviantART introduces the deviantART Twitter Network - a series of Twitter profiles that tweet recently popular deviations in specific categories.

Fella and Llama Plushie Set by deviantARTGear
Super Llama and the new Fella Plushie Writer

Creative Grants Program

Premium Content Platform

More Like This


  • March 21: New deviantART Thumbnails are launched.
  • May: deviantART joins Instagram.
  • May 1: deviantART announces the Creative Grants Program.
  • May 8: The New deviantART Muro featuring Redraw is released to all members.
  • May 16: After being requested by deviants for years, deviantART announces that Username Changes are available.
  • June 6: deviantART is honored by Online Trust Alliance (OTA).
  • July 10: The Premium Content Platform is announced and released to all members.
  • September: deviantWEAR is renamed to deviantART T-Shirts & Gear.
  • October 4: The new deviantART Mobile site is launched.
  • October 9: More Like This is released.
  • November 16: The New Comments are launched.


  • January 10: deviantART introduces Commissions on deviantART - a way for content creators to generate real earnings through custom creations.
  • January 22: The new deviantART Submission Process is launched to all members.
  • March 6: After almost 13 years of operation, the Shoutbox on the chat page was removed.
  • March 15: What's Hot (Beta) is launched.
  • April 2: spyed announces a partnership between deviantART and Madefire - Motion Books are now available to browse.
  • May 29: The deviantART T-Shirts & Gear shop closes it's doors.
  • June 3: Multi-submit and Scheduled Submit is released to Premium Members.
  • June 13: Undiscovered (Beta), a new way to browse, is released to all members.
  • June 25: spyed "announces" deviantART v999.
  • July 15: Comments are now fully integrated with Writer, with the launch of The New deviantART Comments.
  • August 7: deviantART turns 13.
  • September 5: Suggestions Forum moved to Zendesk.
  • September 10: Deviation page is updated.
  • October 1: Deviant and Art Mentions are released to all members. New username symbols are announced and implemented.
  • November 30: dAmnIt - the system that allowed users to submit quotes from chat was phased out
  • December 12: Users can now submit to deviantART using the SketchBook app.

Commissions on deviantART

deviantART partners with Madefire

New Username Symbols

Upload artwork to deviantART using SketchBook

deviantART wins People's Choice!

Google Analytics for deviantART profiles


  • February 25: Pageview counts now include all profile sections.
  • March 11: deviantART wins big at the 2014 SXSW Interactive Awards - taking home the  "People's Choice" and "Classic" awards.
  • March 19: Premium Members now have access to Google Analytics for their deviantART profiles.

Written by bradleysays for projecteducate
Information Collated by bradleysays, Moonbeam13 and communityrelations

This article will continue to be updated as deviantART grows. :dalogo:

Last updated:  20th March, 2014

Check out this timeline of deviantART from 2000 to 2014!

Last Updated: 20 March, 2014
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