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January 17, 2013
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#deviantART-Related Home Page

Thu Jan 17, 2013, 5:35 AM


Hey you.. yeah, you! Thanks for stopping by! :love:

Our primary mission is to bring the deviantART related community together as one. Here at deviantART-Related, we will keep you up-to-date with the latest news regarding deviantART and the dA related gallery. We will collect the most impressive deviations from our gallery and allow people to appreciate this gallery greater. Among this, we will create projects and events for the dA related gallery.


These are the submission guidelines for submitting your deviations to this group.

:bulletblue: All submissions must be submitted into the deviantART Related gallery.
:bulletblue: You can only submit three deviations per folder per month.
:bulletblue: Because of the limit, be careful on what you submit. Going by the motto, "don't submit work that you are not proud of" will help you with this.
:bulletblue: We accept news into our gallery, these must be strictly dA Related.

Suggest Daily Deviations!

dA Related Community Volunteer

Send your CV some Daily Deviation Suggestions! You can read his guidelines for suggesting DDs here.

Remember, you can only send him deviations from the dA Related gallery as well as deviations from the Resources & Stock Images > Tutorials > deviantART gallery.

History of CVs

History of CVs(hover of the usernames)

:star: Current: ^ladygagz :star:

Past (recent to oldest): $namenotrequired, `wdwparksgal, `ginkgografix, `GaioumonBatou, !DCZed (second time), `2dazed, !DCZed, `TerrorCookie, `maxwell-heza.


Key Journals
:bulletblue: Monthly Daily Deviation Roundups
:bulletblue: Guide to the deviantART Related Gallery
:bulletblue: Helpful Links (CSS)

:bulletpink: Browse darelated
:bulletpink: Suggestions Forum
:bulletpink: Deviant Meets Forum

:bulletgreen: #dARelated - Official chatroom

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